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07.06.21 News Forecasts Football

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Germany vs Latvia: Ivan Milechny`s forecast for the test match on June 7

07 Jun 2021, 18:01 | / Football

Famous rap artist, battle-MC, ex - football player of "Zorky" Ivan Milechny gave a forecast for a friendly match on football Germany — Latvia.

Bet: Latvia wins with a handicap (+4) for 1.80.

"Well, friends, the European Championship starts very soon, and now the teams are rolling their last friendly matches — and I want to talk about the game between the national teams of Germany and Latvia. In general, it is obvious that Germany is the favorite in this game. But are we really going to be defeated? I have one thought about this match, and I don`t want to stretch it out into big letters at all.

The Germans, of course, should win, but the bookmaker assumes that they will do it with a crushing score. The outcome, in which Germany will win by four goals, bookmakers offer for a coefficient of 1.75. Over the past year, Germany has not defeated anyone with such a score, and why everyone thinks that they will do it in the match with Latvia is unclear. Euro 2020 is on the nose, and I am sure that Joachim Loew does not set out to put as many heads in the gates of Latvia as people can fit in a classic sedan. Also, Latvia has not lost with such a score for a very long time. The only thing that can affect this outcome is if the coaching staff of the Latvian national team suddenly gives their players a rest before the match for the Great Baltic Cup (if someone does not know, this is a cup in which three teams participate: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania). Of course, this should not happen, because not every time you can play with a team like Germany.

My forecast for this meeting is the national team of Latvia with a handicap of +4. The coefficient of 1.8 for such an outcome should easily go!", - said Milky.