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29.07.21 News Forecasts Football

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Shakhtar - Steaua: Nikola Vasilevich`s forecast for the Conference League match Pyotr Kondakov

29 Jul 2021, 14:25 | / Football

Former defender of "Shakhtar" from Karaganda Nikola Vasilevich gave a forecast for the UEFA Conference League qualification match "Shakhtar" — "Steaua".

Bet: the victory of "Shakhtar" for 5.60.

" Of course, I`m watching Shakhtar. I watch his games, especially because there are friends in the team. I saw the first meeting with Steaua, I can say that Shakhtar performed well. There were a couple of good moments, it`s a pity that we didn`t even score one goal, especially at the end of the meeting.

There is a second match. It is a pity that it will be played in Armenia without Karaganda fans, and I know how much they mean in every match. I can say that the meeting in Yerevan will be difficult — that`s for sure. I will be happy if Shakhtar wins!

In my opinion, Steaua is now a small favorite, but this does not mean that it will win. God grant that it will be the opposite. I think Andrey Finonchenko needs time and patience of the fans. Andrey is a good person who was a great football player. He is able to convey to his players the spirit of the winners and the skill that he demonstrated himself. The Armenian fans will be neutral and will enjoy the match, which will end with the victory of Shakhtar. God forbid, with the score 2:0, " Vasilevich said.